Landscape Architecture & Construction

Landscape Architect #4163
Landscape & General Engineering Contractor #353234

Welcome to the Conover Landscape website. Enjoy your visit as you look at a small sampling of projects we have completed over the years.

Uncompromising quality, value, detail, integrity, and personal service are the foundation of our company.

We use top-grade, quality materials, state-of-the-art products, and insist on the finest craftsmanship. This provides value, durability, and long-term enjoyment of your garden.

We generally perform one project at a time, so our team's attention is focused solely on your project.

Over the years, we have chosen to remain a small landscape company to maintain quality control and personal involvement with our clients.

The owner, William "Chuck" Conover, is personally involved in each project from the initial meeting with the client, the design phase, and the actual construction.

Member of CLCA - California Landscape Contractor's Association